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Bark Bar (Lavender) | My Cluckin’ Puppy ‘Poo

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We’ve done it again, y’all! This time we’ve taken the “SHAM” out of dog shampoo. No more plastic bottles, toxins, or chemicals. Our all-natural lavender scented (for the timid bather) Puppy ‘Poo creates a silky lather with great coverage that washes off cleanly and will leave your pup feeling incredibly soft and snuggly. Castile soaps are also known for keeping away fleas and ticks, which we are big Cluckin’ fans of.

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All breeds

  • Animal by-product free
  • Palm-free
  • Phthalate-free
  • Minimum 4 week cure time
  • 90% post-consumer recycled packaging
  • No plastic waste

    Olive oil, water, sodium hydroxide, and essential oil


    Approximately 4.3 oz.

    All of My Cluckin’ Soap Bars are:
    • Cold-process
    • Small-batch
    • Made in the USA
    • Guaranteed to last

    This listing is for a single bar of handmade, small-batch dog shampoo soap. Its appearance may differ from the photos.  To extend its life, allow it to dry between uses and store it in a dry, ventilated area. Don't leave it in standing water. Consider buying a drying dish for optimal results.

      Our Puppy ‘Poo Bars are specifically designed for use on fur and hair, but can also be used on humans. For external use only. Please keep out of your dog’s eyes and if skin irritation occurs, discontinue use.

      Cluckin' Love

      Based on 2 reviews Write a cluckin' review

      Product reviews

      Cluckin' Love

      Based on 2 reviews Write a cluckin' review

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Linda Buck

      I’m using it as a face wash. Very gentle

      Leslie Olivier
      Great Dane approved!

      My boys hair feels like velvet with this soap! The smell lasts and his white is blinding!
      The bar is amazing on a dog!
      As someone in the veterinary medical field, I recommend this to all my patients!!

      Pleasantly Soap-prised!

      I purchased this soap back in May and refuse to use anything else. My dog absolutely hated baths and would fight me to try and get out of the tub, but ever since using this soap, he is so much calmer during bath time and I am so grateful. Not only has the lavender scent been calming for my pup, but he smells amazing afterwards and the good smell lasts a decent while, which is more than I can say for the pet store shampoo we used to use.

      Also just want to note, that the owners/team that run this company are SO incredibly kind and were great to talk to!

      12/10 would buy again