Cluckin' FAQ

Do you offer refunds on soap purchases?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept the return of used soap, however if you are not satisfied with your product, please contact us and tell us your concern. We thrive on happy customers and will do everything we can to ameliorate the situation.

Are your soaps good for people with sensitive skin?

While we cannot legally make any claims as to whether our product can cure or treat any condition, we do have a plethora of loyal customers who suffer from sensitive skin and skin conditions. They swear by our cluckin’ soap. We hope you’ll try for yourself and let us know how it worked for you.

How is it possible to make a soap that lasts longer than others?

Our soap lasts longer because we take the time (4 weeks) to cure it, which allows for the water to evaporate from the bar, which creates a more crystalline structure. Thus, less water means a harder, longer lasting bar of soap.

Do you ship internationally?

We don’t ship internationally as of yet, but please stay tuned as we hope to be able to soon.

Do you use all natural fragrance oils?

We use a mixture of natural essential oils and fragrance oils. Our essential oils are completely natural and derived from herbs, flowers, and plants.  Our fragrance oils are phthalate free. Our fragrance oils are created with a mix of aroma chemicals and natural ingredients like essential oils, extracts, and resins.

Are your soaps organic?

We cannot claim to be a certified organic soap, although we do use mostly organic ingredients. Due to our use of mica’s and fragrance oils, we are not considered organic.

Do you carry any exfoliating soaps?

We cannot claim to treat, exfoliate, or moisturize due to cosmetic regulations. We produce an artisanal soap that is in no way meant to treat any ailments.

How is your soap used?

Our soap is meant for external use only. Our soaps are great for anything from hand washing to body washing. If you have an external body part, our cluckin’ soaps can wash it.

Is mica safe for the skin?

Mica, although not a natural ingredient, is 100% safe for the skin and will not cause discoloration of the skin.

Why does my soap look a little different than the one on the website?

That’s the beauty of small batch artisan soap making. The ingredients are exactly the same, but variables such as heat, cold, humidity etc can cause the colors to be less or more brilliant depending on when the soap was made.