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Shower Up, Y’all! | My Cluckin' Soap Bar| Shower Up Nashville (and beyond)

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We created this beautiful “Shower Up, Y’all” bar in collaboration with Shower Up Nashville. Fresh honey and lavender scents combine to create a soft, sweet aroma that won’t disappoint even the most refined beak. The best part is that 30% of every bar sold goes directly to Shower Up Nashville to support all the amazing work they do every day!

From Shower Up Nashville:

Homeless. Unhoused. Those experiencing homelessness.

These are all used to describe what some call "the homeless problem" that we have in our country. There are an estimated 3 million people who fall in that category, and it's not getting better. Lots of reasons why. It's a complicated conversation.


What's not complicated is that they are people. Human beings. Moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandmas and grandpas...friends.

I cringe when I hear people referred to as a categorical "problem". When we use the word "homeless" in a way that could be substituted with an unwanted animal ("These homeless are ruining our city."), we not only diminish them, we debase ourselves.

(I wish I could type this next sentence in HUGE letters.)

We are at our best when we share, give, support, care, understand, and love.

When we lift others up, we lift ourselves. When we value those in difficult circumstances, we build our own humanity.

I'm not asking just for a change of terminology, I'm asking for a change of perspective and a change of heart. It's my desire that no one question their value based on their current life circumstances. When we remind people of their value, we light the spark of HOPE in their lives.

Learn more about Shower Up at www.ShowerUp.org

Scent Profile:

Honey and Lavender

Skin Type:


  • Animal by-product free
  • Palm-free
  • Phthalate-free
  • Minimum 4 week cure time
  • 90% post-consumer recycled packaging
  • No plastic waste

Olive oil, coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide, fragrance, activated charcoal


Approximately 4.5 oz.

All of My Cluckin’ Soap Bars are:
  • Cold-process
  • Small-batch
  • Made in the USA
  • Guaranteed to last

This listing is for a single bar of handmade, small-batch soap. Its appearance may differ from the photos. Use it as body, face, or hand soap, and keep it away from the eyes. To extend its life, allow it to dry between uses and store it in a dry, ventilated area. Don't leave it in standing water. Consider buying a drying dish for optimal results.