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The first thing a new LGBTQ+ foster child will receive when they enter the True You TN foster home is a care package with a bar of “Pride, Y’all”. We hope that when they do, it reminds them that they are going to be ok, they are going to be cared for, and that they are going to be loved unconditionally as their authentic self. Unfortunately, this can’t happen until the money has been raised to provide a facility to do the great work they have set out to do. There are a total of ZERO LGBTQ+ youth foster homes in the southern United States, and that is a travesty. That is where you come in. 30% of every True You TN bar purchased goes directly to them to help them make this necessary dream a reality.

About True You TN:

True You TN is a new nonprofit dedicated to creating a safe environment for LGBTQ+ youth to live authentically. It will be the first and only group foster home specifically for LGBTQ+ youth in the southeast. In the short term, we are fundraising to purchase or build a home in Murfreesboro TN, and to provide outreach for those youths that can’t or won’t come into the system. Currently, in TN we are short roughly 4,000 beds in the foster system and up to 78% of LGBTQ+ youth in foster care report being further abused while in the system. Long term, we also plan to include transitional housing for those youths aging out of the foster system and will have a gathering space so that all youth we have served will have a place to come back home to, for celebrations, holidays, or just when they need a little extra love. Yearly, about 23,000 youths age out of foster care each year and about 20% of them will become instantly homeless.

We want the youth we serve to know that they are part of a family, a community that they can always lean on.

Learn more about True You TN at www.trueyoutn.org

SKIN TYPE: Sensitive-Normal


  • Palm oil free
  • Vegan
  • Cured a minimum of 4 weeks
  • 90% post consumer recycled wrapper
  • No plastic waste
  • Phthalate-free

INGREDIENTS:  Olive oil, coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide, fragrance, activated charcoal

SCENT: Tobacco and Bayleaf

WEIGHT: Approximately 4.5 oz.

All of My Cluckin’ Soap Bars are:
  • Cold-process
  • Small-batch
  • Made in the USA
  • Guaranteed to last

PLEASE NOTE: This listing is for a single bar of soap. Our soaps are small batch and handmade.  Your soap may vary slightly from the photos.

USAGE: Our soaps are great as both a hand and body soap. For external use only. Please keep out of your eyes and if skin irritation occurs, discontinue use.

SOAP CARE:  Our soap is best cared for by always allowing it to dry between uses. Store in a dry and ventilated area when not in use and never leave sitting in standing water. If you do not have a drying dish, please purchase one from us before you check out to make sure your soap cluckin’ lasts!