About Us

My Cluck Hut is an artisan soap company based out of East Nashville, TN. We began with an awesome product and a tongue in cheek sense of humor. My Cluck Hut began during quarantine in 2020 while stuck at home for months on end with newly acquired chickens. We were driven by our desire to create a long lasting, eco-friendly, perfectly scented, and visually stunning bar of soap. We spent 6 months creating and testing our recipes until we perfected the best bar of soap that we have ever tried. What we came up with is nothing short of INCREDIBLE. The feedback from friends and family was immediate and overwhelmingly affirmative that what we loved THEY loved. 

From there, a little white wine, a little pool time, and lots of cluckin’ chicken jokes ended up birthing My Cluckin’ Soap Bar and soon after, our more masculine scented line, My Cluckin Cock Soap. We were soon being sold by local brick and mortar merchants in Nashville and realized that what we had created was just as loved by y’all as it is by us. 

Today we continue to grow our production and ability to provide our awesome long lasting Cluckin’ cold process soaps to all of you! Cluck Yeah!